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  • My Cup Of Tea Socks (Reversed)

    A quick write-up of my process for converting a cuff-down sock pattern to toe-up as part of my most recent project. #knitting

    I absolutely love making socks. As a project, they’re relatively quick, by now very familiar, a small canvas for a bit of experimentation, and in the end, always useful. After all, who doesn’t need another pair of socks?

    Unfortunately, that’s also caused me to amass quite the collection of sock yarn over the years. In fact, I spent a good part of 2019 making sock after sock after sock thanks to our indulging in a Michael’s Boxing Day sale back at the start of last year.

    But, I’ll be the first to admit, the stash has been building up for a long time, now.

    As a result, the yarn that I used in this project–a lovely, variegated yellow yarn who’s label I’ve apparently lost–has been sitting in my collection for a couple of years now, having been pushed down the queue by more recent acquisitions. However, I finally decided to do something with it!

    Now, as a toe-up sock knitter, it’s always a bit trickier to find patterns, and so I’ve often settled for coming up with my own designs. However, this time, I decided to try my hand at converting an existing cuff-down pattern to toe-up.

    These socks are based off of the My Cup of Tea Socks pattern (hosted on Ravelry), which I then altered, both to convert the pattern to toe-up, and to make the motif a bit larger.

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  • Dr. Who-inspired Knitting

    So much Knitting, so little time. I’m currently working on a project for a friend of mine (I’d worry about you reading this, Massie, but… I doubt anyone is reading this :): a Dr. Who Scarf. I used to have a decent picture of the original, but it’s misplaced somewhere, and the best I could find is this:

    Original Dr. Who Scarf

    It’s freakin’ huge… probably about 10-11 feet when finished, many colours, and simply a whole heck of a lot of work. Fortunately, it’s almost done. Almost. Probably another foot to go, and then all the weaving-in-of-ends (damn I hate that part). Once it’s done I’ll put up a couple pictures.

    On a more Gardening-related note, Lenore and I decided to plant apple trees! ‘course, we bought them over a week and a half ago, and only now, with our landscaping finally completed, have I been able to get them in the ground. One is a Norland and one is a Battleford, with the Battleford going in the front yard and the Norland in the back. Both are quite small right now (I’ll take some pictures soon), around 2 feet tall, so we won’t be getting a yield for a couple years. But, in the meantime, here’s something to look forward to.