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    To say this book was better than Cibola Burn would be an enormous understatement… in fact, it was a close call as to whether I would bother continuing the series after book four, but I decided to take a crack at it, and I’m very glad I did!

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    Some have likened it to a fantasy version of Oceans 11, and I suppose that makes for a reasonable distant approximation, but it’s definitely a lot more than that. The world constructed, here, is familiar yet different, with a lot of standard fantasy tropes mixed with these little flairs that give Camorr a unique flavour all its own. And the plot is paced well enough to keep you wanting to move forward.

    The characters feel a bit two dimensional… Locke is, obviously, fairly well sketched out, but Jean and the twins feel a little flat. If I had to pick a surprise stand-out character it’d be the Spider… pity we see so little of them, relatively speaking. But while they may all be familiar archetypes, they’re fun ones, and so we can enjoy them for what they are.