• Review: Vintage Fork Chili Heat Tea

    The second of my three gifted Vintage Fork savoury teas. This one: Chili Heat

    Smooth black tea that packs a punch of spicy heat.

    Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love wickedly spicy food. I also happen to enjoy a nice black tea from time to time (though given the choice I prefer a fragrant, earthy oolong). So I was very curious what this one would be like.

    It turns out the answer is: quite good!

    The black tea is very nice. I’d describe it as a solid Assam-style black (and I wrote that before checking the label, so, well done Vintage Fork!)

    But the question I’m sure everyone is asking is: how spicy was it? I’d personally describe it as present but gentle, producing a nice warming without being too assertive. Though I should caveat that by noting I tend to eat very spicy food, so my scale for heat might be a little… askew. As was the case with the Garlic Tea, I was genuinely surprised how well this pairing worked.

    All in all, I really enjoyed this one, and unlike their Garlic Tea, I can see enjoying this at any time, even when I’m not eating a savoury meal.

  • Review: Vintage Fork Garlic Tea

    A friend of mine got me a set of Vintage Fork savoury teas and I just had to post about them. First one: Garlic

    Savoury green tea reminiscent of drinking chicken broth

    I started with this tea because, a) I love onion and garlic, and b) I enjoy a nice cup of soup. So how could I possibly go wrong with a tea that tastes like both?

    And you know what? This tea is surprisingly good!

    The tea brews up looking like a classic green, but the aroma is a definite departure, giving you a hint of what’s to come.

    The onion and garlic in this tea are quite well balanced, neither overwhelming nor too subtle. But what really surprised me was how well these flavours paired with the tea. The whole thing really does work well together!

    As an aside, I found myself eating sour cream and onion potato chips while drinking this tea, and it really was a tasty combination! Yes, I recognize this is a bit weird.

    All in all, I recommend giving this a try!