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  • Locked in Internet Silos

    [“An intro post about my attempts to slowly pull myself out of internet silos so I can better control my data.”]

    The Centralized Web

    I don’t think I’d be making news by pointing out that the internet, today, is dominated by large, centralized services. While this centralization of the internet is a far cry from the original vision of peer-to-peer interactions and democratization, those services have, in many ways, enriched our lives by connecting friends and family, individuals and businesses, citizens and government.

    But I also wouldn’t be making news by pointing out that those same services have a darker side, particularly those that would bill themselves as “free”. While ostensibly costing us nothing, these free services make billions collecting and monetizing our personal data while optimizing our use of those systems to enhance engagement. Worse, the data they collect, with or without our consent, is locked away outside of our control.

    I know this. And yet I still find myself making use of many of these services, including:

    • Google
      • Email (Gmail)
      • Storage (Photos, Drive)
      • Calendar (uh… Calendar)
      • Notes (Keep)
    • Github
    • Feedly
    • Ravelry

    And I’m sure many others besides.

    Each of these services provides immense value! Instead of having to host email, or create my own offsite storage system, or manage my own git server, I can save time and effort by having someone else do the work for me.

    However, in exchange, each of these services holds a piece of who I am. And I don’t control any of it.

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